30 years ago in reason


“I have no problem with censorship at all. I’m for it. I wrote an article in the New York Times Magazine on pornography…and said I’m for censorship. I think that in a civilized society you have censorship.” 

â€"“Reason Interview: Irving Kristol”

 â€œI really don’t even mind the annual detractors of commercialism. As long as they are pitching their foolishness, I know that commercialism still exists. More important, I know that freedom still exists. And because of freedom, the religionists, the environmentalists, and the anti-capitalists are still free to prattle.” 

â€"R. Gaines Smith, “Have Yourself a Commercial Little Christmas” 

“Walking, like driving, enables us to go where we want when we want by the route we want and in the company we want, without having to stop unless we want. Autonomy. Freedom of choice. Self-reliant individualism.” 

â€"Jeff Riggenbach, “Vroom to Grow”

â€"January 1983