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Parody New York Times Twitter Account Restored

"The Times Is On It" is back on it after dealing with Trademark whining from the Gray Lady


You can't keep a good Twitter account down, it seems. According to Politico, the micro-blogging site has restored a New York Times parody account one day after it was pulled amidst complaints from the paper.

The Times Is On It pokes fun at the daily newspaper's lifestyle and feature articles, posting a form message beginning with "GUYS," and ending usually with "and The Times is ON IT," with a direct link to the online story. (One from Nov. 11 reads, "GUYS, women enjoy wearing pantyhose again, and The Times is ON IT.").

But despite creator Benjamin Kabak's efforts to keep his account separate (the biography states, "This is a parody account clearly not associated with any newspaper"), the famous paper filed a complaint about the account's avatar: a copy of the Times' signature "T" logo, with colors inverted and a black smudge on the top left corner (pictured).