Election Day Coverage a Boon for "Experts"

Flood media inboxes looking to weigh in


Reporters know the drill all too well: Before a big news event, their inboxes are flooded with emails from self-declared "experts" (or the experts' marketers), letting journalists know that they'll be ready, willing and able to chime in on the day's news.

And, perhaps no day provides such a ripe opportunity for said "experts" as Election Day, the Super Bowl, if you will, for the "expert available" crowd.

Instead of responding to these emails looking for a quote on, say, Romney's chances in Virginia or the importance of the youth vote for Obama, POLITICO instead asked for a different type of expertise: Expertise on what it's like to be an expert on Election Day. Only three out of ten responded, perhaps revealing that there is, in fact, one topic that they're not available to discuss: Themselves.