Sandy Recovery, Greek Utility Privatization, Asset Forfeiture Abuse: P.M. Links


  • Worst "trick or treat" prank ever

    New York area airports are reopening post-Sandy. New York City's subway system will reopen on a limited basis Thursday.

  • Meanwhile, an organization in Syria is saying that Hurricane Sandy was created with advance technology by "heroic Iran."
  • A sign of sanity in Greece? The parliament narrowly approved a law freeing up the government to privatize public utilities.
  • Afghanistan has announced presidential elections in April 2014, a few months before pull out of the country.
  • The Department of Justice has shut down the Bal Harbour, Fla., asset forfeiture program and is ordering them to return $4 million. The tiny police force is accused of using the money to pay for cross-country flights and to grease the palms of informants.
  • N.J. Gov. Christ Christie is postponing Halloween until Monday in the state, though technically it's not a government holiday and he has no say in the matter.
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