Happy Halloween from Reason


With the presidential election now less than a week away, you've got plenty of reasons to be frightened. So to take your mind off the impending horrors of a second Obama or a first Romney administration, why not relax with this selection of Reason's best Halloween-related writings. You'll find ghosts, zombies, vampires, and other assorted eldritch terrors. Well, we warned you…

The Passion of the Pumpkin: Who killed Halloween? By Jesse Walker.

We the Living Dead: The convoluted politics of zombie cinema. By Tim Cavanaugh.

The Spook Racket: Magicians Todd Robbins and Teller take on the supposedly supernatural in their bloody off-Broadway sensation Play Dead. By Damon Root.

Let Your Kids Eat Poisoned Halloween Candy. And Take Pictures! By Katherine Mangu-Ward.

Season of the Regulator: The killjoys come out on Halloween. By Jesse Walker.

Interview With a Vampire Expert: Author Eric Nuzum surveys (and survives) the secret world of bloodsuckers. Interview by David Weigel.

Cthulhu and You, Perfect Together. By Tim Cavanaugh.

Satan's Faces: The many lives of Lucifer. By Jesse Walker.

Why Buffy Kicked Ass: The deep meaning of TV's favorite vampire slayer. By Virginia Postrel.