Cannibal Cop, California Taxocalypse Looms, Powell Endorses Obama: P.M. Links


  • "A little bit of Monica with some wine, a little bit of Erica as a side… ."

    Well, Dexter has a plot for next season: FBI agents have charged a NYPD cop with plotting to kidnap, cook and eat more than 100 women.

  • California's fiscal desperation is palpable. In addition to the state tax increase proposals on the November ballot, there are 230 municipal votes to try to increase revenue through increasing taxes or selling bonds.
  • Speaking of terrible things about California, did you know that state legislators in California can change their votes on a bill after the outcome has been finalized, as long as it doesn't alter whether the vote would have passed or failed? Something to keep in mind when trying to assess a legislator's performance.
  • The guys behind the effort to build a working gun through the use of a 3d printer are back at work, this time with the support of an unidentified defense firm.
  • The man who walked into anti-gay activist group Family Research Council's D.C. office and shot a security guard has been indicted on terrorism charges.
  • Gen. Colin Powell has again endorsed President Barack Obama, prompting an angry response from Sen. John McCain, obviously still smarting about losing out in 2008.
  • Police in Fort Worth will actually get training on dealing with dogs after a high-profile Border Collie shooting.

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