Texas Investigates Parody Tweeters, Romney Skips The View, More Iran and Belarus Sanctions: P.M. Links


  • Parody Twitter accounts are the new Chuck Norris jokes.

    The Texas Rangers (the law enforcement agency, not the baseball team) are investigating mock Twitter accounts that make fun of members of the Huntsville City Council.

  • Polls are tight as President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney prep for their "Town Hall" debate Tuesday.
  • Mitt Romney has canceled his Thursday appearance on The View due to a scheduling conflict. He said some unkind things about the non-Hasselbeck ladies of the show in the now-infamous "47 percent" speech.
  • Some Christian bookstores won't carry an evangelical writer's work about trying to live as a woman in the way the Bible commands because it has the word "vagina" in it.
  • The European Union has approved further sanctions on Iran and renewed sanctions of Belarus. Peace and freedom will no doubt blossom.
  • Although courts have ruled recently against voter ID requirements, the wordings of the rejections leaves the justification for the laws intact, meaning new laws may be passed in the future.

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