A.M. Links: 2,000 U.S. Military Personnel Dead in Afghanistan, Yemen President Endorses Drone Strikes, Coordinated Bomb Blasts in Iraq

News from Afghanistan to Yemen


  • 2001, 2002, 2003…

    The Associated Press' count puts the2,000th U.S. serviceman killed in Afghanistan as one who died in a blue-green firefight over the weekend.  A new manual for Afghan security forces tells them not to retaliate for perceived cultural offenses like blowing your nose or patting your colleagues. A Taliban suicide attack this weekend killed fourteen, including at least three NATO service members and four Afghan police officers.

  • Yemen's new president, who took power after the last president was forced to step down because of Arab Spring protests, enthusiastically endorsed the use of drones in his country.
  • The United States has taken the People's Mujahadeen of Iran off the terrorist list. The militant left-wing group was responsible for the assassination of Iran's second president.
  • Omar Khadr, a Canadian who's been held at Guantanamo since he was 15, was released this weekend, nearly 10 years later. He was the last Westerner at the camp.
  • Coordinated bomb blasts in Iraq killed at least 32,capping off a bloody month in the country.
  • Arthur Sulzberger Sr., who was the publisher and chairman of the New York Times for 34 years, died this weekend at 86.

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