Free Speech

Utah City Sued Over Speech Restrictions

Officials seem oddly hostile to any views that might clash with Mormon doctrine


Today, the ACLU of Utah filed a complaint on behalf of the Main Street Church of Brigham City challenging Brigham City's "Free Speech Zone" Ordinance.  The suit alleges that on its face, the ordinance violates the Utah and United States Constitutions because it requires a permit for almost any conceivable form of public expression and imposes civil and criminal penalties for failing to comply.  This ordinance could subject many unsuspecting people in Brigham City to liability for engaging in activities protected by the First Amendment.

Because Brigham City is actively barring Main Street Church from two public sidewalks in the city, Main Street Church has also moved for a temporary restraining order to immediately prohibit Brigham City from continuing to restrict Main Street Church's First Amendment rights to assembly, free speech, and free exercise of religion in a traditional public forum.