Angolans Prepare to Head to the Polls For the Third Time

MPLA won eighty two percent of the vote at the last election in 2008


Angolan democracy is about to turn another page as the nation goes to the polls on 31 August. Once known as a brutal cold war arena littered with landmines, Angola is now holding elections for the third time in its history.

The first elections in 1992 resulted in war whereas the 2008 elections cemented peace. The 2012 elections are the first under the new constitution and the first time since 1992 that President dos Santos has the opportunity to gain a democratic mandate.

Predictions of unrest are rife amongst commentators. The dynamics since 2008 have certainly changed. New issues and parties have emerged onto the scene and the Angolan youth, many of whom have little or no memory of war, and are able to vote for the first time. They are also making themselves heard, including through street protests.