A.M. Links: Rebels Bomb Hotel in Damascus, Thompson Wins Wisconsin GOP Primary, Palin Thinks Clinton Should Replace Biden, Iran Accused of Training Syrian Militia


  • A bomb attached to a fuel truck has exploded near a hotel used by UN staff in Damascus, injuring three people. Rebels have claimed responsibility for the attack. 
  • Former governor and presidential candidate Tommy Thompson won the GOP Wisconsin Senate primary in what has been described as a win for the Republican establishment. 
  • The Obama administration is encouraging illegal immigrants to pay a fee and fill out a form in order to avoid deportation and obtain a work permit as part of a new program. 
  • Sarah Palin has suggested that Hillary Clinton replace Joe Biden on this year's Democratic ticket. 
  • Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has accused Iran of training a pro-government militia in Syria. 
  • One Jail Deputy has been fired and another has resigned after being discovered trying to friend a female inmate on Facebook. 

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