Watch John Stossel's "No They Can't!" Special Tonight, Featuring Reason's Lisa Snell


Fox Business host and Reason regular John Stossel has a new book and a new special out. They're both called No They Can't and they explore "why government fails and individuals succeed" at making the world a better, richer, and more interesting place.

Buy the book now and watch the special tonight at 10pm ET on Fox News Channel. It will air again on Saturday night at 10pm ET too.

From the show's website:

Government grows, despite its repeated failure.

Politicians are wrong when they say, "Yes, we can," but the fact that government can't doesn't mean that we can't. Free people accomplish wonderful things. While government wastes billions on boondoggles like Solyndra, X PRIZE founder Peter Diamandis explains how private investors have created cars that get 100 mpg, space ships and much faster ways to clean up oil spills, all without charging taxpayers a penny.

Reason is particularly excited that

Lisa Snell from the Reason Foundation explains how the government's own research found that Head Start did not help poor kids. Government's response? Spend even more.

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