Romney Already Raising General Election Cash, Obama Trashes Paul Ryan Budget, Felipe Calderon Says U.S. Should Re-Up Assault Weapons Ban: P.M. Links


  • Mitt "sigh, I guess him" Romney already raising general election money. And he hasn't won today's primaries yet, but nobody seems very interested in remembering that except Rick Santorum.

  • Alleged Oakland gunman was teased about his poor English skills, was angry about being expelled from the school that he massacred on Monday.
  • President Obama thinks Paul Ryan's budget plan is "thinly veiled social Darwinism." Which would make actual, serious budget-cutting…cannibalism?
  • Mexico President and king of the cartel-crackdown Felipe Calderon asks U.S. to re-up ban on assault weapons.
  • The end of "free Mumia"? The former death row inmate may have to settle into life in jail after losing his last appeal.
  • Romney is like your Grandpa, except not! Because your Grandpa never did the skeleton (which is like scarier luge) this one time! And also made a writer of inane articles do it too. Oh man, so crazy.
  • Creepy mystery graphic about terror coming back to NYC creeps out everyone; no evidence of real plot.

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