Barack Obama

The Dumbest Generation: Gen Y's Political Stupidity In a Single Chart


A new survey from the Pew Internet Center confirms every suspicion I harbor about people my age: Despite unprecedented access to information, technology, wealth, and food, we are basically retarded. 

That young people voted for Obama en masse in 2008 is excusable; he was young and charismatic while John McCain was (and still is) repulsively old and cranky. (Insert obligatory Churchill paraphrase here.)

Everything else on that chart is an indictment of our right to vote. If only 50 percent of young Obama voters (between the ages of 18-29) believe Obama has not changed "the way Washington works," it stands to reason the other 50 percent believe he has. This means half of young Obama voters either do not know "how Washington works," or they are stupid.

Of the young Obama voters who believe The One has failed to Revolutionize Politics In America, only 25 percent blame Obama for (presumably) bolstering the system he inherited with kevlar, handouts, and IOUs. That is a very tiny percentage of young people—probably only a dozen or so. If they have not all become public choice extremists in the last three years, or pledged their allegiances to Ron Paul, I hope they stay home in November (it would also be fitting if they cast a resigned vote for Obama out of fear that Rick Santorum will take away all the condoms).

The other 60 percent of you are dead wrong. Sure, Congressional Republicans are appalling in their own way, but so much of what's abhorrent about "the way Washington works"—crony capitalism, regulatory overreach, needless wars, bankster fellatio, the systemic violation of civil liberties—comes straight from Obama's mouth to your ears via various and sundry federal agencies. 

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The good news, Gen Y, is that it is not too late to form a different opinion. Obama has done it quite a few times since you elected him.

(See the entire Pew survey.)