Dating at CPAC


Washington, D.C. - Are you young, single, and conservative? Are you uncomfortable around women? Do you struggle when asking members of the liberal media out on a date? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you skipped the conservative dating seminar at CPAC you probably missed out on some of the most important advice you will ever receive. Ok, not really. But you still missed an entertaining time. 

Wayne Elise, founder of Charisma Arts "a company devoted to helping people become more charismatic though fun online content and in-person instruction," gave attendees an overview on how to approach and deal with members of the opposite sex. He briefly performed what seemed like a comedy routine before he explained to people not only how to act on a date, but how to get a date with an attractive member of the opposite sex.

"Rick Santorum, isn't he the handsomest man running for president now? Isn't that how it goes? The best looking guy wins?" he asked.

He continued talking about the attractiveness of the candidates before a young woman chimes in.

"Mitt Romney's sons."

"Can we talk to security and get Mitt Romney's sons in here? I am sure that guy can, he looks important."

"They are all married," replies the woman, sounding disappointed

Then there was an awkward silence before he moved on with his routine.

The hour long presentation was heavy on political references but it could have worked with any audience. The former juggler and street performer encouraged people to just "be themselves" on dates.

"When you're on a date, instead of trying to impress your date, make her feel more comfortable. That means you can make fun of yourself," he said.

Elise encouraged those present to be more assertive with others but not to the point where you scare them off. "You don't have to be a pick up artist. When you're at a bar don't go talk to the hot girl immediately," he said

It was an event that, at first glance, looked as if was designed to distract members of the press from covering Rick Perry's speech rather than help awkward conservative singles. During the question and answer session most of the questions asked were by media rather than participants.

In this video a member of the British press asks Elise why dating for conservatives is dating for others. Elise said conservatives tend to be too stiff and referenced how he had a good time at a party with a socialist. He then talks about what would be a good date for a couple. One of the attendees at the event suggests going to a gun club. 

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