Rep. Paul Ryan Moves to Repeal Plan to Cover Moon with Yogurt, Saves $5 Trillion!


National Journal has put together a list of the top 22 political quotes of the year. There's blood libel, cake, and a sugar-coated Satan sandwich. And then there's this:

Oh no! The Dannon lobby has gotten to Ryan!

"Let's pass a bill to cover the moon with yogurt that will cost $5 trillion today. And then let's pass a bill the next day to cancel that bill. We could save $5 trillion."
— House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., July 28

Elsewhere in the top 22, a bonus libertarian dairy enthusiast quote from Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas):

"I'm all for raw milk. I think you should make your own choice on whether you drink raw milk or not."
— GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, Dec. 13

Get more Reason on raw milk here, and pick up the upcoming print edition—a space-based special issue!—to get lots of Reason on the moon.