Which GOP Candidate is Your Perfect Match? Take the Reason Quiz Now!


As the GOP presidential contenders busily debate questions of foreign policy and defense in the latest debate (really, these people are on the sort of never-ending tour that would put Bob Dylan in the grave already), take a break from the scrum of politics and dive into Reason's super-scientific[*] quiz to find which candidate most closely matches your feelings about everything from foreign policy to government spending to the drug war to immigration to gay marriage to education and more. You're only eight questions away from finding out who your GOP dream date really is.

Go here to take the quiz and find out whether you've got a terminal case of Bachmannitis or whether you're squirmin' for Herman (Cain, that is!). Then again, maybe Huntsman's the one who cleaves your heart or you grok Slick Rick Santorum. We've got 'em all (including Sarah Palin, who like William Tecumseh Sherman chose not to run, except in charity 5Ks). Why, there's even current leaders Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney to choose from; check 'em out before their poll numbers go further south than Rick Perry touring Brownsville. And of course, the two explicitly libertarian candidates, Rep. Ron Paul and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. Be still, your beating heart!

[*]: For the purposes of the quiz, we are using super-scientific in its Republican context. So we really mean made-up.