Reason Morning Links: Obama Administration to Sell the U.A.E. Bombs to Counter Iran, Senate Approves Parts of Jobs Bill, NATO May Investigate Self About Libya, Herman Cain is Tied for Frontrunner


  • The Obama administration is preparing to sell thousands of high-tech munitions to the U.A.E., in order to further build a coalition against Iran and its nuclear program, says The Wall Street Journal. 
  • On the eve of Veterans Day, the Senate approved a portion of Obama's jobs bill that repeals a business tax and gives a tax credit for businesses who hire veterans. 
  • Worried about a potential Hague investigation, NATO may do an "in-house review" of the Libya campaign to look into any civilian casualties credited to their air strikes.
  • Herman Cain is in a three-way tie with Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney for frontrunner, says a new CBS poll. But Cain is losing some support — especially among women — thanks to that pesky sex scandal.
  • A man was shot and killed outside of Occupy Oakland. Whether he was affiliated with the protests is unknown —protesters say no, but the San Francisco Chronicle suggests Mayor Jean Quan and other local politicians have found another excuse to try and remove the encampment.
  • Ron Paul is having another money bomb, this one in honor of Veterans Day. Paul's October money bomb raised $2.75 million dollars.

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