Scrappy Undergdog Small-State Senator Announces Re-Election Bid for President!


Poor President Obama, only a couple of years in office and he has to start running for re-election already. While holding down a full-time job, as one of his supporters remind us in the video above, the official start of his 2012 campaign! How can the world be so cruel!

Ed from North Carolina, Gladys from Nevada, Mike from New York: They get it. The past couple of years have kind of sucked, so there's only one clear choice for president: The guy who's been in office for the past couple of years.

The only clearer sign of Obama's disappointment both to his supporters and the country at large than this video to kickoff his reelection campaign would be an announcement that intends not to run. Or maybe the slogan, "Guns AND Butter: Obama 2012!" "Because Bush Deserves a Fourth Term"? Supply your own re-election slogans in the comments below.