Texans Against Perfidious Albion


While angry frat boy and MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan screeched about Nazi-loving, Jew-hating, women-killing members of the Tea Party movement (video available here, but this one is also worth watching) and warned that "angry" kooks were destroying America, the angry kooks of Texas's 22nd district were nominating a psychotic Lyndon LaRouche acolyte in their Democratic primary. According to her Obama-influenced website, Kesha Rogers, who wants to impeach the president, "took a decisive step toward leadership of the anti-British, anti-incumbent insurgency sweeping the United States."

Did she win on the strength of the arguments put forth in her editorial "We Must Declare Now Our Intention to Colonize the Solar System"? Rogers is an anti-imperialist here on Earth, but thinks "it is time to declare now our intention to have operative colonies on the Moon and Mars by 2050." And while she might think the president is a Nazi and the bailouts were bad policy, Rogers warns against "relying upon the 'good graces' of free markets, cutting social safety nets, or taxing the American people to death." And there is the usual stuff about dear ol' Blighty's relations with Nazi minister Hjalmar Schacht and its impact on the people of Texas. But Rogers warns Washington that "Real American patriots won't allow Schachtian austerity."

All of this baffling nonsense was enough to secure 54 percent of the vote. A spokeman for the Texas Democratic Party assured The Houston Press that her campaign "will not receive a single dollar from anyone on our staff."

Last week, I reviewed British journalist David Aaronovich's book on the stubborn persistence of conspiracy theories and how they warp our perception of history. And for the record, after appearing on RT last night to discuss labor unions in Europe, the next program led with—surprise!—a 9/11 truth story, during which some pallid, emaciated hippie explained that…well, you know the rest. What was surprising, though, was that the RT host led the segment with a declarative statement: "The question isn't who [perpetrated 9/11] or why anymore so much as how."