Cato May Offer Mediocre Sandwiches (Though Excellent Cookies) at Its Events, But That's Not "Extremist"


Aren't you glad the divisive politics of the Bushitler Era are behind us? From Ben Smith at Politico, a story about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee slagging Cato as a "right-wing extremist group":

"While making today's announcement that he will once again run for Congress in New York's 24th District, [Richard] Hanna also launched a new campaign website where he shamelessly touts his ties to the Cato Institute, a right-wing extremist group that has long been a vocal advocate for extremist, unfair trade policies that would allow companies to ship American jobs overseas," said the press release.

An incredulous Cato spokeswoman, Khristine Brookes, e-mails, "Are they serious? Are we a right-wing extremist group because of our arguments in favor of gay marriage or for our criticism of the Bush war in Iraq?" The "extremist" in question in the release, she notes, is a pro-immigration, pro-trade economist who is on the site today attacking Jerome Corsi.

Whole thing, including the offending press release, here.