More on Joe Kennedy and Coakley-Brown


Tim Cavanaugh asks whether independent candidate Joe Kennedy (no relation to the Hyannisport Kennedys, or even George Kennedy!) should drop out of the big Senate race between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown. While it's too late for that, this being election day and all, here's a great quote from Kennedy in a Foxnews.com story:

Kennedy said he knows his chances of winning are slim. But he hopes his candidacy will send a message to the major political parties.

"If I ruin your race, good," he said. "You'll put up a better candidate next time. I'm happy to drop out of any race for someone I can vote for."

Whole story here.

Kennedy's site is here. A former Democrat, he is registered as an independent and is running as one though he is a contributor to the Libertarian Party. The head of the Massachusetts LP claims he is running as an independent due to a "provision of state law," though it's not clear what that means.