The Right to Download Internet Porn From Anywhere


Captain Picard as a futuristic Finn.

That's what Finland's government has decided its citizens deserve. According to Gizmodo, it's the first country to officially decide that each and every one of it's 5.4 million citizens should be guaranteed access to an ultra-high-speed Internet connection:

Not only they have great universal health care—including dental—great public daycare, and great public education at all levels, but now they also got broadband as a legal right provided to every citizen. And not any crappy broadband.

The policy will be active in July 2010, when every Finn will get a one-megabit connection. But that's just an intermediate step towards their final goal: By 2015, everyone will have a 100Mbps—yes, a hundred megabits per second—available.

Speeds like that may sound great to a 15-year old trying to level up in Modern Warfare 2, but I'm still wary: Anyone who's seen an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation featuring the Borg knows where techno-socialism eventually leads.