Got Yer Recent Reason Media Appearances Right Here…Balko, Randazzo, Root, Gillespie


And by recent, I mean over the past month or so.

Gaze upon Radley Balko on Fox News' Freedom Watch With Judge Andrew Napolitano, talking about the use of criminal informants in drug cases:

Reason Foundation analyst Anthony Randazzo on Russia Today, discussing President Obama's "Jobs Summit" and unemployment:

Damon Root jawing with the Judge on Freedom Watch about FDR and all the unconstitutional antics behind the New Deal:

And your humble narrator, also on Freedom Watch, discussing the illegality of and general uselessness of the GM bailout:

More info about and episodes of Freedom Watch ("Your daily dose of raw liberty"[*]) is online here.

[*]: Consuming raw or undercooked liberty may lead to behavior considered undesirable by statists in the Republican and Democratic wings of the Big Government party.