Public Health

The Real Swine Flu Hazard


Scott Stein at When Falls The Coliseum discusses his university's attempt to stamp out swine flu:

Someone — who deserves a big raise — decided to mount the automatic dispenser on the wall directly above the elevator buttons. I mean, directly above them. So today, when I pressed the up button to call the elevator, hand sanitizer shot out. I wasn't trying to sanitize my hands. I just wanted to press the elevator button. But the dispenser doesn't know intent. Hands trying to press buttons are in its sights. The squirting liquid missed my jacket sleeve by an inch and landed on the floor. Despite my employer's attempt to sanitize my hands against my will with a sneak attack, I was no safer from swine flu. My fellow citizens concerned about public health and safety needn't fret, though. There is a bright side: I'm pretty sure that the glob of soapy liquid that landed on the floor constituted a dangerous slip hazard.

More, including pic of sanitizer dispenser near elevator buttons, here.