Miami Sucking-Sound Machine


Stadium welfare update from NBCmiami.com:

The price tag says $515 million, but by the time the new Marlins stadium is paid off 40 years from now, it will have cost a whopping $2.4 billion. […]

Earlier estimates put the total costs at about $2 billion, but thanks to rising interest rates, the people of Miami-Dade will have to pony up even more for the field of dreams in Little Havana.

Suddenly, the $120 million the Marlins are contributing doesn't seem like very much.

Also, he clenches his fist like a girl

No, it really doesn't. Particularly since A) the team has spent (if I'm not mistaken) less on payroll the past four years than any other major league team, a combined $104 million from 2006-2009, and not surprisingly B) has produced inferior (if occasionally promising) product, going 17 games under .500 during that stretch, even though C) Picasso-owning, 7,000-square-foot-Upper-East-Side-apartment-living team owner Jeffrey Loria has seen the value of his franchise rise to an estimated $277 million since he bought it for $158 million in 2002.

But most importantly, D) Miami-Dade County is staring at a $400 million budget shortfall, and most of its cities are facing deficits and contemplating the deadly recession-exacerbater of tax hikes/service cuts, all while unemployment looks poised to bust through double digits. Spending scarce tax dollars in this environment on a rich man's hobby, one enjoyed by a minority of the population, is flat obscene.

I've written previously about the Marlins stadium boondoggle here and here.