Reason Morning Links: Obama Wants More Power to Seize Companies, Home Sales Up in February, and . . . Martial Law in Schenectady?


• Fifteen of 20 AIG execs to pay back about $50 million in bonuses.

• Obama wants expanded power to seize private financial firms.

• School strip search case heads to Supreme Court. Jacob Sullum wrote on the case here.

• Jackson, Mississippi’s crazy mayor is running for reelection. But one of the candidates set to run against him is even crazier.

• Mayor of Schenectady, New York considering martial law. But not because the citizens are acting upâ€"because the police are.

• Something else to worry about: Billion-ton globs of electromagnetic plasma ejected from the sun!

• Finally, a small bit of good news: Existing home sales up 5.1 percent last month.