'If I Went Through, Then You Wouldn't Be Talking to Me Now'


The Fox TV station in Washington, D.C., catches a traffic light camera in New Carollton, Maryland, "popping off like popcorn," generating tickets for motorists who stop a little bit over the white line:

AAA Mid-Atlantic's John Townsend…blasted the camera, saying, "This is the most egregious one we've seen. It is so beyond the pale. It not only violated the spirit of the law it violates the letter of the law. It may be illegal in the state of Maryland. "

During a short period, the cameras flashed continually and went off when cars were at a complete stop. We asked one motorist, "Did you go past the red light?" The unidentified driver said, "No, I didn't. I'm still stopped here at the red light. If I went through, then you wouldn't be talking to me now. The camera went off. So am I going to get a ticket? Oh no. "

Townsend said, "These people legally stopped for a red light, but they ventured into this box, and they consider that technically to be red light running, and it's not. It smacks of 'I got you'—a game just for money."

More Reason coverage of traffic cameras here.

[Thanks to Ryan Posly for the tip.]