Government Spending

The Greatest Story Ever Told, With the Generous Support of Your Tax Dollars


Check out this propaganda for the new administration, under the headline "The story of the economic package":

As President Obama says, the economic recovery package is just one of three "legs of the stool"—a milestone, but an early one, the very beginning of the long process of fixing the economic crisis we inherited.

Some of kind Democratic Party website? Bzzzt! It's the souped-up, Obamatastic, the official url of your executive branch. Other stirring first-person-plural tales you can find there (many with high-quality photography from Pete Souza), include "Help for the Homeowners" ("The housing plan President Obama unveiled today could directly help up to 9 million people—but indirectly, it will help all of us"), "A Strong Start," and "Setting the bar high."

Reason on White House propaganda here.