reason's recent coverage of the next president of the United States


With the historic election of Barack Obama as America's 44th president, we take a look back at reason's recent writing on the senator from Illinois.

The Curse of Illinois. The Blagojevich affair and Barack Obama. By Steve Chapman.

Obama's Numbers. The president-elect has promised to make his math add up. Therein lies a glimmer of possibility. By Matt Welch.

Obama's Clinton Problem. Deregulation made the prosperity of the 1990s possible. Just ask Bill Clinton. By John Berlau.

Don't Take Your Guns to Town. Will Attorney General Eric Holder respect the Second Amendment? By Damon W. Root.

Change He Can Believe In. Some unsolicited advice for Barack Obama. By Radley Balko.

Three Predictions for Obama's America. Will the next president be a game-changer or agent of the awful status quo? By Nick Gillespie.

Obama Should Swear Off Executive Privilege. Keeping his staff transparent and accountable would send a strong message about open government. By Radley Balko.

The Audacity of America. Obama's victory reflects the best in our nation. By Steve Chapman.

A Transformation on Race. Barack Obama's "post-racial" posture reflects a quiet but radical shift in liberal ideas about race in America. By Michael C. Moynihan.

Is There Any Hope For This Man? Assessments of Barack Obama from planet reason. By Katherine Mangu-Ward, Virginia Postrel, Brink Lindsey, Richard Epstein, Bruce Bartlett, Jonathan Rauch, and Deirdre McCloskey.

Obama's Destructive Crime Policy. The senator sounds some encouraging notes, then endorses a failed, familiar policy—more federalization of crime. By Radley Balko.

Obama's Toothless Second Amendment. The senator defends the right to whatever arms the government decides to allow. By Jacob Sullum.

Obama's Wars. Liberal interventionism makes a comeback. By David Weigel.

Obama Kids Sing for Change:The Pyongyang Remix

Partisan Politics and the Science-Industrial Complex. Measuring the Democratic and Republican Party platforms on science and technology policy. By Ronald Bailey.

Yes We Can Pander. Obama's Overlooked Cuba Speech. By Michael C. Moynihan.

Obama's Economic Mythology. Is the middle class really in decline? By Steve Chapman.

Supreme Anxiety. Do the Supreme Court strategies of Obama, Clinton, and McCain offer any reason to cheer? By Damon W. Root.

Beyond the Fairness Doctrine. Barack Obama says he wouldn't reintroduce the Federal Communications Commission's most notorious speech-squashing regulation. But there are more mundane reasons to fear the next FCC. By Jesse Walker.

Green Herring. Obama tries to hide the cost of his global warming solution. By Jacob Sullum.

Change We Can Believe In? A few questions for Barack Obama. By Radley Balko.

Purpose-Driven Pandering. McCain and Obama's self-serving answers at the Saddleback Forum. By Damon W. Root.

The Brave Young Things. What happens to political art if Obama wins? By Michael C. Moynihan.

Obama's Job Fetish: Beware any politician who promises to create new jobs. By Jacob Sullum.

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