Friday Fun Link: Littles Propaganda


The Littles—creepy cartoon tiny mouse people—were buried somewhere deep in my memory until they were resurrected today, thanks to the almighty YouTube. Here, these horrifying desecrations of Stuart Little's memory tell kids to nag their parents to vote. The year?: 1984, naturally.

Seriously, if this ad is what finally drove you to the polls, you probably shouldn't be voting.

Two years later, the cast of rodentine humanettes did a made for TV movie called Liberty and the Littles. IMDB summarizes the plot thusly:

An ABC Weekend Special. It was about how the Littles were on there way to New York City for the 4th of July when their balloon crashed into the Statue of Liberty. There they find a tiny 19th Century Community that doesn't have freedom. Tom,Lucy and two of the tiny people (Michelle and Pierre) escape, and they all learn the truth about liberty and freedom.

reason movie night?