The Friday Political Thread: Countdown to Dow 1000


The Week in Brief
– John McCain and Barack Obama got interrupted by Tom Brokaw, a lot.
– Connecticut destroyed marriage and Western civilization.
– George McGovern joined the vast right-wing conspiracy.
– John McCain really, really wanted you to care about Bill Ayers.
– So, do you own stocks? Oh, too bad.
– Bob Barr started looking better amid the financial ruins. (And the latest Georgia polls show the state tightening up again.)

Below the Fold
– Robert Stacy McCain says last rites for John McCain's campaign.
– Norman Mailer muddles through the politics of the 20th century (and a bit of the 21st).
– The Open Debate Coalition demands a non-terrible Obama-McCain face-off.
– Sean Quinn pummels Michael Barone (who weirdly asserts that Obama's ground game is no better than Howard Dean's).
– Some smart people (including Kerry Howley!) tell McObama what to say.

Ian Anderson's got Politics 'n' Prog taken care of this week. I think he's previewing the next McCain ad about Obama.