Democratic Convention 2008

Stars! Stars! Stars!


I've seen more celebrities in two days wandering around Denver than during the previous two years living in Hollywood. And that's not even counting Matt Damon infomercials. All I can say is, Kurt Russell and Major Dad better be working overtime in St. Paul next week. Here's a sampling I picked up in just five minutes yesterday at the Mile High City's elegant Osteria Marco restaurant:

Princess Diaries star and unindicted ex-girlfriend Anne Hathaway finally finds a man she can look up to:

Bicyclist Matthew Modine regales admirers with tales of his days as a high school wrestler and Vietnam-era Marine:

Clinton-era bad boy Henry Cisneros wonders where his highball glass went:

I thought this was the guy from The West Wing who died, but it turns out he just went to work for Joe Biden:

I also found a group of real live P.U.M.A.s. Even before Hillary Clinton's Harriet Tubmanesque speech, diehard Hillary supporters seemed like those English-speaking, American-uniformed Nazi infiltrators in the Battle of the Bulge—far more common in the collective imagination than in reality. So I was lucky to squeeze off a shot.

As Dave noted earlier, actual P.U.M.A.s are almost always outnumbered by media types interviewing P.U.M.A.s. I myself came back to ask some questions after snapping this pic, but by then the elusive creatures had vanished. It's a hazard of trying to find opposition around here. The sparsely populated protest area/free-speech zone in Denver's civic center is the tip: All carbon-based bipedal life forms are in the tank for Barack Obama.