Barrwatch, with Special Guest Star Alan Keyes


Wil S. Hylton interviews Bob Barr for GQ. What's the tenor of it? Here's a taste

Would you have opposed the New Deal and the Works Progress Administration?
That's a hypothetical.

Everything I'm asking is a hypothetical.
Well, that's a double hypothetical. That's a hypothetical on top of a hypothetical.

Every time I ask what you'll do as president, it's a double hypothetical.
No, that's just a hypothetical.

Meanwhile, in the best news of a day severely lacking in the stuff, the American Independent Party has disaffiliated from the Constitution Party and affiliated with America's Independent Party: better known as the astroturf stomping grounds of Alan Keyes. Independent Political Report explains what this means:

1. Alan Keyes will now be on the ballot in California and Chuck Baldwin will probably not be able to get a line.

2. Based on voter registration totals, the new AIP now claims to be America's third largest political party.

Also, as our own Jesse Walker first pointed out, the AIP was founded as a vehicle for George Wallace. That it will now present California voters with a Barack Obama-Alan Keyes rematch is one of the great political ironies of the last couple decades.

UPDATE: Bah, the IPR story has been retracted.