Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe


Before we all absolve Hillary Clinton of her campaign sins, let's remember: She compared the failure of the Democratic National Committee to retroactively restore her delegates in the uncontested Florida and Michigan primaries to the elections in Zimbabwe. And Human Rights Watch has a report out about those elections.

[HRW] said it had documented at least 36 politically-motivated murders and 2,000 victims of a campaign of killings, abductions, beatings and torture by the ruling ZANU-PF party of President Robert Mugabe.

It said more than 3,000 people had fled the violence which began after March 29 elections in which ZANU-PF lost control of parliament for the first time and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai beat Mugabe in the presidential race.

The report said the government had incited and perpetrated the violence to intimidate and punish opposition supporters and had failed to prosecute those responsible, who included the security forces, liberation war veterans and youth militia. The violent campaign "has extinguished any chance of a free and fair presidential runoff," HRW said.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangarai is being detained for the second time since the first election, which he won, in the run-up to the June 27 run-off, which will almost surely be stolen again.