Your Two Minute Hate Starts… Now!


A press release that just arrived in my inbox:

Full report: Scott McClellan's Soros connection

Hercules Q. Einstein! Try and wriggle out of that one, McClellan! The rest, from Brent Baker at Newsbusters:

Peter Osnos, who wrote Wednesday that he "worked very closely" with Scott McClellan on McClellan's new book published by PublicAffairs which Osnos founded, is a liberal whose publishing house is affiliated with the far-left The Nation magazine and the publisher of The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. PublicAffairs has a roster of authors who are nearly all liberals and/or liberal-leaning mainstream media figures, including six books by far-left bank-roller George Soros. On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, Ari Fleischer related that "Scott told me that his editor did 'tweak,' in Scott's word, a lot of the writing, especially in the last few months." In an "Eat the Press" blog entry Wednesday, Rachel Sklar asked Osnos: "Did you work directly on the book with McClellan? (Who was his editor?)" Osnos replied: "The editor was Lisa Kaufman and yes, I worked very closely with them."

PublicAffairs is also the publisher of Radicals for Capitalism. It's a sticky web these Sorosians weave.

The big disappointment, to me, is how wackier the anti-McClellan pushback could be. There's a record of oddball behavior in the McClellan clan, from his mother's 2006 run for governor of Texas (she left the GOP to run as an independent, then demanded to be called "Grandma" on the ballot) to his father's own literary career.