Got Television, Got Supervision


Barack Obama mans up and takes a stand against the entity that's terrorizing Americans.

Democrat Barack Obama said on Sunday he would pursue a vigorous antitrust policy if he becomes U.S. president and singled out the media industry as one area where government regulators would need to be watchful as consolidation increases.

"I will assure that we will have an antitrust division that is serious about pursuing cases," the Illinois senator told an audience of mostly senior citizens in Oregon.

"There are going to be areas, in the media for example where we're seeing more and more consolidation, that I think (it) is legitimate to ask…is the consumer being served?"

Obama's too far ahead to lose the nomination, but I couldn't help but think of Howard Dean:

I believe we need to re-regulate the media, go back to limiting the number of stations that can be controlled in one particular area, so we can be sure that the American people get moderate, conservative and liberal points of view.

The day in 2009 when Sen. Al Franken casts the tie-breaking vote on a bill reversing most of the 1996 Telecommunications Act is really not hard to imagine.

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