The Holy Trinity


The San Francisco Bay Guardian, which endorsed Ralph Nader in 2000, endorses three candidates for the primaries: Barack Obama, Ron Paul, and Cynthia McKinney. The last endorsement is the best:

McKinney has her downside — in recent years she's been flirting with the loony side of the left, getting a bit close to some Sept. 11 conspiracy theories that hurt her credibility (although she's also made some very good points about the attacks and the lack of a serious investigation into what happened). And some of her supporters have made alarmingly anti-Semitic statements (from which, to her credit, she has attempted to distance herself). But she has to come out now, strongly, to denounce those sorts of comments and show that she can build a real coalition.

As for Paul: "He's been associated with some statements that are racially insensitive (to say the least). He clearly shouldn't be president." It doesn't say anything like that about Clinton, oddly.