Perfect 1980s Vintage Xmas Gift


public assistance

Are you stuck in the "working man's rut"? Would you rather be on the "able-bodied welfare recipient's promenade"? Play the Public Assistance board game and find out, while reliving the glory that was 1980s welfare politics.

The game allows to you to have out-of-wedlock children, or take in game money featuring Santa, Karl Marx, L.B.J, or a "Generic Liberal Senator."

Draw a Welfare Benefit like the "Get Out of Having to Get a Job" card, or a Working Person's Burden like the "your son is beat up by ethnic gang while being bussed across town to school" card.

Enjoy the game that prompted the NAACP to declare: "We are doing everything we can to prevent it from going on the market," and the director of the Public Assistance Coalition to whimper: "We ask you to consider revising or discontinuing production of your game."

Buy the vintage 1980 edition, shown above.

Via Cheryl Miller