There's a Democratic Debate Happening Right Now


It's on NPR, and it started at 2, and thus far the Democratic candidates are saying nothing surprising, although the downy softness of the radio format makes the attacks seem a little blunter. The debate about the Kyl-Lieberman Iran resolution, so boiling hot in previous debates, is pretty substantive, apart from the predictable invective of John Edwards.

Clinton: I supported the resolution as part of diplomacy with Iran. We need carrots and sticks: That was a stick. Iran changed its behavior because of the resolution..

Biden: Malarky. Ain't a damn thing changed.

Obama: We installed a government with ties to Iran: The idea that Iran wouldn't have influence is ludicrous.

Gravel (he's back!): Why are we mad at Iran for helping out Hezbollah and Hamas? They're allowed to do that if they want to.

More Clinton: "I was the first of anyone at this table to speak against Bush taking us to war with Iran."