I Wanna Defy the Logic of All Texxt Laws*


The problem: People talk on cell phones while they're driving. The solution: Ban them from doing it. New problem: People unable to talk on cell phones while driving turn to text messaging. The solution: C'mon, guess.

[U]nder a law that becomes effective March 1, the use of hand-held devices such as cell phones and BlackBerries will be banned in New Jersey, and text messaging while driving will be expressly prohibited. Violators face $100 penalties.

(The new law makes talking on a hand-held device or text messaging a primary offense. Currently, talking on a cell phone is a secondary offense; drivers must be charged with a first offense for an officer to cite them for cell-phone use.)

By the way, the research shows no linkage between cell phone use and vehicle crashes. No clue why lawmakers didn't think to back and legalize that far less-distracting method of telling your wife you're picking up Connor and Haylie from soccer practice while speeding back from the Motel 6 off Route 33 between Trenton and Freehold.

*Headline reference here. I think I used this recently, but not as effectively.