Die, Bart, Die


The defeat of Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, a Democrat, was one of 2007's true political earthquakes. Former Reasonoid RiShawn Biddle (a former Indianapolis Star employee) explains what went wrong, and how Gilmore blew the legacy of Steve Goldsmith. Faced with rising crime, Peterson did… not much.

Peterson could have mitigated the pain by concentrating on quality-of-life issues and by building upon the privatization and community policing initiatives undertaken by predecessor Goldsmith. He didn't. His Indy Works plan to eliminate local government agencies was laudable, but he couldn't get either Republicans or fellow Democrats on the state and local level to fully embrace it. An effort to eliminate abandoned buildings was poorly executed. And he tapped future tax revenues and borrowed heavily—including a $100 million pension obligation bond in 2005—in order to finance existing operations

He also enraged taxpayers with his support of corporate welfare. By 2010, residents will likely face another round of tax increases to finance the operating costs of Lucas Oil Stadium, the new home of the Indianapolis Colts. They are already footing part of the $700 million construction tab.

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