BREAKING: New Law Doesn't Actually Solve Problem


The head of the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism—founded in 1995 after the Oklahoma City bombing—is saying the state's new anti-illegal immigration law won't actually stop terrorism.

"We should remember that the 9/11 terrorists … all had visas and entered this country legally," Don Hamilton said Wednesday in an interview after speaking to members of the Council of State Governments.

The new law seeks to bar illegal immigrants from obtaining jobs or public benefits and penalizes those who harbor or transport them.

About half the illegal immigrants in the United States entered legally but overstayed their visas, he said.

"If you put death rays on the border with Mexico that were 100 percent effective, you would only have solved less than half of the illegal immigration problem," he said.

Oklahoma Southern Baptists don't like the law, either. I'm waiting on Lou Dobbs to tell them why they're all wrong.