Donny Can You Hear Me


Idolator's Jess Harvell alerts us to Donny the Downloader, the ne'er do well hero of an American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers anti-filesharing camparing. It's awful, as you would expect: Especially awful if you're young enough to remember these time-wasting presentations that educators would plop in front of you when they grew desperate for a cig break. Sample dialogue from the Donny toons:

Donny: Yo, what's up?

Counter man: Welcome to Jester Burger, you want to ubersize your ……

[interrupted by ringtone]

Fat ringtone dude, that's Walrus Tusk from '72!

Donny: Who knows Yo, some poser I downloaded, still livin' large off his one hit millions, no doubt!

Counter man: Actually no, he's divorced with 3 kids and working counter duty at Jester Burger. You want fries with that?

There's also a video clip of Donny getting beaten up (kind of metaphysically) by a cheerleader whose music company secretary mom has lost her job. At least you're not paying for it.