Let's Get Out of This Country


Occasional reasonoid John Sugg hobnobs with secessionists and puts the results in Atlanta's Creative Loafing.

In the vision projected at Chattanooga, America would become a collection of self-governing states, some connected by confederations. The South would embrace social conservatism – there would be no debate about the evils of gay marriage or abortion, for example. The Northeast would harbor the blue-state ideals of community and multiculturalism. Rugged individualists would flock to the West and Alaska.

Fun to argue, but nothing the secessionists are riled about are as intractable as the debate over whether we should own slaves. As Sugg points out it's mostly culture war stuff, urbanites versus Jed Clampett types, and the rest of Creative Loafing is given over to arguments for and against Atlanta's secession from the rest of Georgia. Here's Vermont secessionist Thomas Naylor sparring with Bill O'Reilly, who honestly wants "anti-military" states boycotted or boosted out of the Union.