We Can Be Heroes, Just For One AAAAUGH!


Harpers ditches that undercover third world thug-seeking-a-lobbyist stuff and gives us something important: A rundown of gay superheroes and their fates. Unsurprisingly, most are dead.

EL EXTRANO, "THE STRANGE ONE": attacked by an AIDS vampire

FAUNA: dead

FREEDOM RING: finger sliced off; impaled on twenty-eight spikes, including one through the groin and anus

JERICHO: impaled on his father's sword

It's a bit of a rig job: We are told Midnighter's heart was ripped out, which is true, but not reminded that he has two hearts and continues to fight global perfidy to this day. But the list is by Perry Moore, author of Hyperion, and he has both an interesting crusade and a gloomy view of previous gay heroes.

Brian Doherty on the persistance of the superhero here.