David Petraeus: Jesus or Gandhi? Or Both?


The New York Sun has the world's greatest editorial board this side of New Light of Myanmar. No arguments. From "The Next Nobel," a call for awarding Gen. David Petraeus the Nobel Prize in Peace:

We advance the name of General Petraeus this year because he has come to personify the GI Joes and GI Janes of whom he is in command. He has breasted an extraordinary amount of obloquy on behalf of their, and our country's, cause and courage. This was put into sharp relief during his appearance last month before the Congress, where his honor and patriotism were questioned.

And after a little requisite Arafat and Carter-thumping:

General Petraeus's accomplishments are in the tradition of George C. Marshall, Lech Walesa, and Andrei Sakharov. These men did not seek peace at any price or without any cost. They took enormous personal risks. They stood on principle. They understood that true peace is earned in victory.

Marshall won in 1953 for "his apprehension, his fear of war, his feeling that another war would mean the complete collapse of human civilization." Walesa (1983) and Sakharov (1975) were unable to claim the prize in person because of the oppression in their own countries. But Petraeus was insulted by MoveOn, so it balances out.