GameStop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!


Via Julian Sanchez, GamePolitics reports on an anti-video game bill that blasted Duke Nukem-like through the New York legislature.

A08696 has already been approved by the Assembly. Last week the New York Senate passed its own video game bill, sponsored by Sen. Andrew Lanza (R). Legislators in both houses are moving quickly because the current session ends on June 21st.

What's in the bill?

1.) selling or renting to a minor a game which includes "depraved violence and indecent images" would be a class E felony under the state penal code

"Depraved" violence is defined in the bill as "rape, dismemberment, physical torture, mutilation or evisceration of a human being." In other words, Trauma Center: Second Opinion.

Luckily it's never a bad day to link to this GameRevolution list.