65 Percent of Americans Suck


monopoly man

A tiny snippet of despair from Yahoo! News:

Fully 65% of Americans agree with the idea that, in general, corporations make too much profit; this view is now more widely shared -- and more strongly expressed -- than a few years ago. While 65% agree that corporations make too much profit, 30% completely agree with this statement, about the same number as in 2003 and the highest percentage expressing complete agreement with this statement in 20 years.

Yet by a wide margin, the public continues to link the strength of the country with the success of business. More than seven-in-ten (72%) agree that "the strength of this country today is mostly based on the success of American business" -- an opinion that has changed very little over the past 20 years.

In related news, Bryan Caplan's new book on the irrationality of the American public is well-reviewed.