Friday Fun Link: Outbursts of Everett True


From the "I Love Comics" site, a smattering of repros of one of the most amazing comic strips of all time, "Outbursts of Everett True," an early 20th century British [nope–my mistake–American as rhubarb pie] creation. As accurately described at the beginning of the thread:

The plot:

Panel 1: Someone yells at, bugs, bothers, or generally inconveniences Mr. True in some way.

Panel 2: Everett responds by beating the living shit out of him and screaming (unless it's his wife, in which case she beats the living shit out of him).

Would that reprints of this should replace "Love Is… " in classified sections across the globe. For a larger collection of Everett True links (most of poorer repro quality) go here.